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Advanced signs makes and installs signs across Brevard Country, Indian River and Orange County. We can provide seamless service from beginning design, production to final installation. Our signs are used in both commercial and residential applications and are durable and long lasting. All prices single side. Add 30% each additional side up to 30". Over 30" add 45% per sign for second side. Grommets and other finishing xtra.

Our experienced designers can take your blueprints, photos and graphics and construct a property sign that not only looks good, but also holds up to weather, and wear and tear.



Real Estate Sign Post

The conventional white real estate sign post that holds up to a 30"x24" sign and rider. Constructed out of pine timber, pressure treated 4x4 or other wooden products, these sign posts are cheap, convenient and durable for either a choroplast or sheet metal sign blank.

Comes in white or natural wood. Other colors and options such as end caps available upon request.

Real Estate Sign Prices

Real Estate Sign Riders
6” x 18” Riders (metal or plastic) - $10
6” x 24” Riders (metal or plastic) - $14
6” x 48” Riders Choro - $20
1' X 4' Riders Choro - $25
1' X 8' Riders Choro - $30

Real Estate Signs
18” x 24” Choro (vinyl) - $15
18” x 24” Choro (laminated print) - $20
18” x 24” Aluminum (.032) - $35
18” x 30” Aluminum (.032) - $42
4' X 4' Choro (vinyl) - $70
4' X 4' Choro (laminated print) - $95
4' X 8' Choro (vinyl) - $129
4' X 8' Choro (laminated print) - $169

Step Stake Signs
18” X 24” Coro w/ wire frame, 1 qty  - $15
Over 100 qty - As Low as $6.99 each!

Standard Sign Post
8' T-bar wooden post, white  - $65

* Prices single sided. All signs over 4ft include 10mil choroplast. Step stake signs and those smaller than 4ft are suitble for 6mil choroplast. Dibond, MDO, PVC are available for additional upcharge. Please call for a quote on those.